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Region of Sicily, Italy, Provinces of Catania and Ragusa
50 young Italians and foreigners (aged 18 or over) in conditions of extreme exclusion, seeking political asylum.
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Eastern Sicily is one of the main destinations of migrants (refugees and asylum seekers), whose arrival from the Mediterranean is the biggest humanitarian crisis in the territory. The presence of Unaccompanied Minors, particularly in the age group 16-18 years, landing on the Sicilian coast with no family is very significant.

The primary goal of unaccompanied minors who arrive in Italy is to find a rapid job placement in order to get a minimum income to send to their families of origin. This of course can be detrimental to an adequate education path. In addition, the educators/operators of the host communities have a weak experience on the specific issues of integration work for these young people from different territories and bearers of cultures very distant from our own. There are also plenty of Italian young people in these reference areas who live an equally difficult situation, housed in foster homes because of family problems. Most of them have not completed compulsory school and therefore have little chance of accessing the employment market.

We have therefore initiated the project “Making System Beyond Hospitality” to promote social and economic integration of these young people and avoid the constant danger of their recruitment by criminal organizations. The program is aimed at young people coming of age or just over 18, both Italian and foreigners who are in times of economic and social vulnerability.

The project activities are divided into the following three components:

  • Vocational training and internships in various business, support during the employment and self-employment placement;
  • Advanced training courses for reception operators and for young intercultural mediators;
  • Creation of a national network of businesses and families with local meeting points for the reception and the support in the socio-economic inclusion of the young people involved.
Local counterpart
Social Cooperative Training and Communion
AFNonlus - Action for New Families onlus, the Italian Businesses Network of Economy of Communion, AIPEC - Italian Association of Entrepreneurs for an Economy of Communion, Social Cooperative Nostra Signora di Gulfi, Arché srl Training and Consulting, MECC - Microcredit for the Civil Economy and Economy of Communion
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Vocational training and productive activities
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