Giovedì 17 Dicembre 2015
Egypt. Testimonies from Cairo


The protagonists of the project “Woman, teacher of peace” talk about their extraordinary experience that has just ended and that now will continue onto a new project: “Chance for Tomorrow”

An animator working on an activity of the project tells us: «One of my jobs during the school camps is to look after the “difficult” teenagers. For many of them it was the first time. The first morning one of them did not want to have breakfast because he said he was full. Same thing at lunch and dinner. I attempted various times to understand the reason why, without success. So then I told him that if he didn’t eat I wouldn’t eat either. Surprised and touched by my offer, the boy started to explain the reasons that stopped him from eating: “I don’t eat food cooked by Christians”. I listened to him with respect, even if it seemed a very extreme thought, and then I accompanied in a shop nearby, and bought him food, fruit juice and milk. The next morning, smiling from afar and coming up to me he says: “I have good news for you: today I will eat with you”. I assured him that we could have gone to the shop and buy food. “No” he told me “I will eat what you will eat”, and straight he run away to eat with the others».

Zaher, another animator tells: «I found myself with a group of Muslim veiled women, very simple people. I thought that they came to us to learn how to develop and improve the quality of their life, but instead I found that I was the one learning from them: their strong, true and honest will to help people in more need touched me profoundly, and without realising, I found myself doing something that I have never done in my life, as a man: laying out the sheets on the terrace. It was a lesson that I will never forget».


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