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The crisis that hit Syria in 2011 has turned into a real civil war; we have reached the fifth year of this war and the numbers do not improve.
Over 200,000 victims among civilians, and the displaced persons within the borders of Syria are more than 12 million. On top of that, more than 3.5 million displaced refugees in neighbouring countries: Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt. In Syria, the national economy is seriously affected, the progressive loss of work for the closure of many factories, the collapse of trade and the rising prices of essential items, especially oil and gas, make life for many families dramatic and the future extremely disturbing.

The needs are many, affecting the survival for those who had to leave their homes and are displaced with no longer the capability to support themselves, the continuity in the education of children and young people, the opportunity to access to treatments and drugs at least for the most severe cases, the loss of jobs and of family goods, etc. Where and as far as possible, the members of the Focolare Movement community are committed to all these actions, helping each other and supporting the activities of the parishes and other communities scattered in different cities of the country. In the future we plan to continue with assistance activities, started in various ways already in 2012, in different cities of the country (Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Machta El Helou, Hama, Banias, etc.).
The purpose of our action is twofold.
– The first more tangible goal is to ensure that the families of displaced persons and refugees are given a decent reception and, in their uncertainty, find protection and safety.
– The second goal, broader and equally important, is to consolidate the peaceful relations between people and different populations, to assist the process of reconciliation.
Despite the uncertainty of war and contingencies resulting from it, there is a strong willingness to resume a “normal” life, and this mainly through the launch of income-generating activities, according to the talents and skills that each can put into hand; in addition to the emergency aid, AMU will support all these efforts.
Anyone wishing to contribute financially to such initiative can do so by sending contributions to AMU bank account specifying “Emergency Syria”
Azione per un Mondo Unito – Onlus,
Via Frascati n. 342
00040 Rocca di Papa (RM)
– c/c Banca Popolare Etica, Filiale di Roma
IBAN IT16G0501803200000000120434
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