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Located at 2,500 above sea level, Cochabamba, with its 500,000 inhabitants, is one of the main cities of Bolivia. In the city, Area 5 is distinguished by the high poverty indexes and crime. Half of its 60,000 inhabitants live in crowded tenements and with habitation problems (no water, sewers, etc.); one inhabitant out of  3 is an immigrant from the Bolivian plateau and from the mine areas looking for a work. The birth rate in the district is about 3,3 children per woman, against the national average of 2,7.

Between 2002 and 2006 some members of  Fundación UniSol visited time and time again many families of the district, noting the living conditions and real needs. In many homes physical space where the youth can study is lacking. Indeed, 90% of families have only one or  two rooms to live in, with bathrooms and utilities in common with other families (from two to nine), and, also for this reason, about 20% of the youth do not attend school.

In answer to this problem, in 2007, Fundación UniSol created the “Rincon de Luz” Centre (literally  “Corner of Light”): three rented rooms for after-school activities, offering the youth of the district the possibility to study with the help of volunteer tutors; but not only, a workshop-space too in which the mothers can carry out little manual activities to integrate the family incomes.

At the end of 2010, the members of UniSol understood that the time had come to increase the quality and invest in a project managed professionally to offer a more effective and durable contribution for the needs of the Area 5 population. In a working year, the UniSol team in close contact with the AMU team and involving families of the district were able to identify, in their work and the adults’ employment, the area on which to focus energies and, sustainable over time, to guarantee the families a way out from the conditions of extreme poverty and need in which they found themselves. Therefore what was needed was to invest on professional training and on the stability of employment.

It’s exactly what we will continue doing from January 2012, with a three-year project. In addition to activities of school and nutritional assistance, and of integral formation for families, new perspectives will also be opened up, through the following activities:

–       Workshops to develop the motivations and the psycho-aptitude capabilities oriented to create micro-businesses (for about 550 people);

–       Orientation service for formation courses and for the possibility to support micro-businesses offered by the private or public institutions (for 330 people)

–       Professional and technical scholarships in exchange for work in the activities of the Centre (for 32 people)

–       Direct advice to start micro-businesses and a service for granting microcredit (for about 157 families)

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