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In 2008 the project “Support to income generating activities for vulnerable families in Kinama” began, through a communitarian model of micro-credit, named Savings community and domestic credit.

In early 2011, there were 4 groups, with evocative names “We support our children”, “Let’s show our solidarity”, “Joyful”, ”Let’s help each other”, and involving 72 heads of households, of which 93% are women.

The methodology of the project is a participatory approach, leading group members to know and share the objectives of the project,  to become responsible up to the point of understanding that these activities depend on themselves. The attention to the dignity of the person as a whole, the ability of listening and sharing are important skills that each member of the CASOBU working group (AMU’s historical counterpart in Burundi) express with their own style and personality.

Reflecting with CASOBU about the possibility to expand this experience, there emerged a project proposal to extend these benefits to other people, as well as Kinama itself, also in the municipalities of Cibitoke and Kamenge, with a stage that initially foresees the establishment of other 4 new groups, of about 25 members each. The main activities that will be carried out are:

–       awareness of the beneficiaries;

–       formation of groups on the model of saving communities and domestic credit;

–       Reinforcement of the capacities of beneficiaries in the accounting and administration management, resource management, the opening of small activities generating incomes;

–        Reinforcement of the capacities and training on related issues such as civil law (particularly family law), health and family planning, prevention and treatment of AIDS, etc..

The cost to start the project amounts to  € 40,000, which will in part be needed to cover the costs of the beneficiaries training, and in part to establish a revolving fund managed in community, as CASOBU gradually verifies the capacity and strength of the various groups. The time for all to be fulfilled is necessarily long, because before the money what counts is the true and sincere motivation of people, a factor “that has no price,” but that is the true and deepest secret for the good success of such projects.