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Fraternity with Africa
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Scholarships for adults and young people of sub-Saharan Africa

The situation of sub-Saharan Africa is tragic under different aspects (endemic diseases, underdevelopment, corruption, exploitation by Western powers…). At the same time one of the most remarkable phenomena is the strong emergence of civil society that is organizing itself with the awareness that the solution to Africa’s problems will come mainly from their personal commitment. The ever more active role of women that is being assumed in this process must be emphasized.

Starting from the conviction that for the solution of Africa’s problems it’s essential to focus on the formation. For their 50th anniversary of foundation (Volontarifest – Budapest 2006), the men and women volunteers of the Focolare Movement proposed, in collaboration with AMU, a formation project through the distribution of scholarships. The scholarships will be assigned to African adults and young people who have no financial resources to improve their qualification on a university level or professional postgraduate courses.

The candidates involved in the project will engage, at the conclusion of their studies, to put into practice the competence acquired by working for some years in their own country or in another African country.

There will be a contribution to the costs of the courses by the candidates, based on their possibilities and according to what agreed upon locally. With the collaboration of local counterparts the most suitable schools have been identified for the various types of courses existing in their country or in neighboring countries.

You can support the project by supplying the “Fraternity with Africa” fund through donations, one-off or periodical contributions, of any amount, aimed to cover the annual costs of the scholarships.

Project costs

The costs include registration fees, attendance, food, lodging and for the technical  schools and professionals courses, also a kit with basic tools for starting up the business.

Type of school

Technical  schools or professionals courses (mechanics, plumbers, electricians, computer experts, tailors, nurses, graphic-designers, etc).


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with a payment of any amount on one of the following accounts:

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purpose of payment: “Africa Sub-sahariana”, ”FRATERNITA’ CON L’AFRICA” (FRATERNITY WITH AFRICA)

Collected contributions
€ 973.441,38